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Psion Insights CEO Awarded Most Creative Individual Founder

Image of Arwa Al-alshaikh
Arwa Al-alshaikh

 We are sharing a big congratulation to our CEO, Jason Wells being awarded as the most creative individual during the IoT Tribe Deeptech Accelerator in Singapore. 

Psion Insights took place on the first cohort of the IoT Tribe SG deep tech acceleration on 30th March. It was an intense competition against a strong cohort that included AtomBrush, Avirtech, Leorix, Meracle, Moaah, MyrLabs, PhonePass, RisikoTek, SenzeHub, SmartBeings and WeavAir. 

IoT Tribe, a global startup accelerator and tech ecosystem builder, ran the accelerator in partnership with Enterprise Singapore - Global Innovation Alliance. 

Jason commented that "When you are boot strapping your startup you have to find creative ways to get things done. There is lots of support and advice out there but you have to pick and choose. You could attend every event, talk to every advisor and read thousands of articles but sometimes you just need to look, decide then do. All the time you try to keep the plates spinning as you multi-task. Maybe that is keeping most of them spinning and trying not break too many along the way!"

If you would like to see how Psion Insights creativity can help you manage risk, issues and incidents more effectively then email us at

We are certain we can help you manage risk smarter!



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